Coin / Numismatic Terminology

On this page you will find terminology relating to coins and coin collecting.

  • Hammered: A coin that has been struck my hand.
  • Milled: A coin that has been struck by a coin press.
  • Blank / Planchet: A blank or a planchet is the round piece of metal used prior to being struck with a design and turned into a coin.
  • Flan: Refers to the complete piece of metal after being struck.
  • Obverse: The heads side of a coin.
  • Reverse: The tails side of a coin.
  • Legend: The writing around on the obverse or reverse of the coin.
  • Field: The empty space between the legend and the main design of the coin.
  • Edge: The edge of the coin.
  • Exergue: The part of a coin that is below the main design of the coin where the date is often found.
  • Die: The hardened metal which has the design carved onto it and which is used to srtike the design of a coin onto the blanks.
  • Milling: The horizontal lines which are often found around the edge of a coin.

Coin Terminology


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