Sovereign Mint Marks

As well as being minted by the Royal Mint in the UK, some gold sovereigns and half sovereigns have also been minted in other countries.

In Australia they were struck by the following mints:

  • Sydney (1855–1926)- S Mintmark
  • Melbourne (1872–1931)- M Mintmark
  • Perth (1899–1931)- P Mintmark

In Canada at the:

  • Ottawa mint (1923–1932)- C mintmark.

In India by the:

  • Bombay mint (only in 1918) – I Mintmark

In South Africa by the:

  • Pretoria mint (1923–1932)- SA mintmark.

Sovereigns struck at the Royal Mint (UK 1817–1917, 1925, 1957 to date) do not have mint marks.

Below are pictures of mint marks on ST George and the dragon type sovereigns. The mint marks can be seen above the date, on the ground below the horses hove.

As well as mint marks being on the St George and the dragon type, some older sovereigns have them either below the wreath and the shield or below Victoria’s bust.

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